Samen mediteren met Zin-inn
Praktijkruimte van Nicole

We have lived in this magical place in Des Baronies (Haute-Pyrenees) for almost 6 years now. In the Netherlands, Nicole had a fine well-run practice, which she continues here with the wonderful support of peace and nature, which carries through into the sessions, meditation and our overall well-being. It is a lovely place to come to yourself and work.

Nicole is qualified in cranio sacral, holistic energetic therapy and aural reading, with these different techniques she can help you process trauma, emotional or physical complaints, but she can also help you if you are at a turning point in your life. Everything unfolds in your time and in respect for your process.  Your stay here will be arranged according to your needs: a combination of sessions, bodywork, meditation, walking, creativity, gardening or the like. Feel free to contact her for an introductory talk, her phone number is +33 (0)7 89 66 35 06.

Nicole - Zinn-in

During my enchanting retreat week at the colorful French Petit Château, I truly experienced a life-changing journey. Nestled in beautiful nature, surrounded by animals, I found the ultimate place to fully recharge. Before my arrival, I was struggling with severe insomnia and a profound sense of uncertainty about my life path.

What made it so extraordinary was not just the idyllic setting, but particularly the transformative energetic treatments by Nicole. Her careful guidance and healing approach deeply helped me, allowing me to rediscover my inner peace and regain clarity about my life goals.

I can definitely recommend this place to anyone seeking not just physical rest, but also profound inner renewal. It’s a unique opportunity to escape the daily hustle and rediscover yourself in this delightful setting, guided by the expertise and warmth of Nicole and her husband Cos. A heartfelt recommendation for anyone seeking a positive transformation in their life!


I have been visiting Nicole for 9 years now. Initially in the Netherlands, then often via phone, and to my great delight, I was able to have physical sessions with Nicole again last summer when I was at Petit Chateau. What a wonderful place. I completely relaxed for a week. For me, the combination of the location and the sessions has been a very pleasant experience. Along with the telephone sessions, I am very happy with Nicole’s support. I often feel calmer for days afterwards. I am already looking forward to my next visit 🍀


After a hectic year, I needed to go someplace to recharge. It would be part holiday and part retreat.
This summer we; me and my daughter stayed at the Petit Château Laborde. It’s a magical place, the château and especially the forest surrounding it. It’s run by a couple: Cos and Nicole and Therese the chef creating these wonderful dinners.
Nicole has a holistic therapy practice and I’ve received a couple of sessions with her. Her talent combined with the healing power of the place results in exceptionally effective treatments. I was happy to bring the energy home long after, and carry it into everyday life.

Thanks for a wonderful stay,
We will return to your magical place!